Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's a...........

While my husband's job is coming to a close this next week, I know God's promises out weigh any fears I have.  I am choosing to trust him and trying to look forward to see what He has in store for us.  I don't wish we had to go through this again but I suppose it's necessary for our growth and greater purpose.

June 2009, I went to a prayer night where three women asked if they could pray for me.  Earlier that day Kai told me to turn to a verse in the Bible in which I felt God speaking to me about a baby girl.  I put that promise away in my heart.  At the prayer night later the women prayed for me without asking what I needed.  They all said they say a baby wanted, a baby girl. It was God's second confirmation to me. But why then?

Fast forward to this summer.  I requested three things to God. First that Devin would get a job by May, Second that we would move out by July, and Third that I would get pregnant with our last child by September (only if Devin has a job with benefits of course!)  Well God answered two of them and by September I laid my third prayer to rest since he had a job but no benefits.  I guess we'll try later on.  Well you know the end, somehow I ended up pregnant while trying not to!  So the faith adventure begins but He did answer all three prayers!

Since then Kai has told me he wants a baby sister and prays about it daily. He even made a song up about it.  I told him that he doesn't know if he'll get one unless God told him.  And he said that God did, and told him to 'Use His Faith'.

So last week we were told 80% Girl.  I'm pretty confident that is exactly what she is!  So two years from my first promise is when she is due:

June 2011

How we told my parents:


Thursday, December 16, 2010


Lots of Tutus going for $14.99 and will be shipped that day!  It's a great deal as I'm trying to clear out all my inventory so I can make room for baby clothes in that closet! 

So check them out!

By the way, stay tuned on Christmas Day as I reveal the gender of our child!
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