Sunday, May 24, 2009


I promise to have some pictures soon. I'm not feeling motivated to upload them.

Lately Nash has been waking up about two times a night screaming softie(because he wants you to take his blanet and pick him up) or bb, bb, bb (pacifier) because he dropped the five I gave him when I laid him down! I am so tired of going in there but I let him cry he will just wake Kai up so I go in there hold him or give him a bb and then leave. That's all he wants.

Kai on the other hand has been having nightmares and a horrible cough. Last night I was so worried because he was in tears and having a hard time breathing. It's hard to watch your child struggle to breath and not know if I should take him to the ER. We survived though and he seems fine during the day today. He told me I just need to ask God to take his cough away. :)

All in all the sharing a room situation has gone pretty well.

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