Thursday, January 27, 2011

A job!

My husband found a job and starts on Monday!  It's a 1 year temp job which isn't ideal but it's something. The God story behind this, because there always is one, is that the first year we were back he didn't get 1 interview the whole year!  He applied for many jobs. 

He's been out of a job for 4 weeks and has had 5 interviews with different companies.  Two other ones this week we believe we going to offer him the job.  We have been blown away by God's faithfulness. 

I still don't have my house, we are cramped, and we still haven't taken a vacation since our honeymoon 6 1/2 years ago but I do believe that my plans aren't God's plans and He is redirecting my desires.  We have a lot more then many others in the world even if it looks like we have less because of the area we live in. 

In other news our baby girl may have a heart rate problem so we see a specialist next week.  But I serve a God that  heals so I'm not worried at all!


Amy said...

Mama to 4 Blessings sent me.
Great news on your husband being offered a job. I hope he enjoys it and finds meaning in it (and it lasts more than a year).
Will keep your family and baby girl in my prayers regarding the heart issues.
You stuff is just beautiful.

cherimarie said...

Thank you so much!

Angela said...

Wow! You have surely been through a lot! I'm sending you good "vibes". :)

I'm hoping everything is okay with your daughter and that this job turns out to be great.

Mama to 4 Blessings sent me - I'm entering her contest for your super cute tutu. It's every little girl's fantasy. :)

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