Friday, February 4, 2011

Update on Sweet Lily

I went to a Specialist today to check on Baby Lily's heart.  It registered high for a moment during my ultrasound last week.  Basically her heart was formed with these weird patterns of 240 high to 150 low.  It stays high until it needs a break and then goes down to 150.  If her heart rate was to stay at 240 she would have heart failure but because it goes down that allows for a break for the heart.

I now have to be seen every week by the Specialist, plus see my OB, and meet with a Choc Pediatric Cardiologist so the team of 3 can decide what's best.  Right now her heart looks okay but if her heart looks stretched out or has any fluid I will be put on heart medicine which will effect my heart and her heart.  If that does not help her they will take her early.  She will be put on medicine as soon as she's born.

I believe that a complete healing of the heart would just save us a lot of time and be easier.  So I'm going to a prayer night tonight to get prayed for and I'm going to pray for healing relentlessly because I know God can.  Either way Lily is in God's hands and so I'm resting in that.  I've been through too much these last 3 years and I just don't have the strength to worry, just pray.


Amy said...

Sending prayers for sweet baby Lily's heart to heal.

Amy said...

Also wanted to let you know that I received the Valentines tutu and hair clip. Just adorable! Can't wait to try it on Kaitlynn.

cherimarie said...

Thank you so much and I'm glad you liked the tutu!

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