Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"The ladybug is gonna bite Kai"

There are ladybugs everywhere in this house! I think they come in where it is warm and then they die. I find dead and alive ladybugs everyday. Something you may know about me is that empathy is my #1 on my strengths finder test. So if I see a ladybug I always make sure to see if it's alive and if it is then I gently scoop it up and go outside and put it down. So I'm doing this everyday but I'm sorry to say not all make it. Some are dead outside my front door. I rationalize this by thinking that I gave them a chance to live and fly away but they chose to sit there and freeze. I can only do so much.....Back to my story. Everytime Kai sees a ladybug (which is several times a day) he says "there's a ladybug mommy and it's gonna bite Kai!" He also thinks that every piece of dust, dirt, fuzz, etc. on the ground is a ladybug. We have assured him they are friendly bugs but he doesn't believe it. I'll be happy when I have a house that is bugfree as our last house was infested with crickets!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh my goodness... I'd take ladybugs in my house any day over all the other kinds that make it in. lol

Glad you aren't frozen!

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