Friday, February 29, 2008

New House!

Well with the help of my parents we are going to rent/own this new house! It's a 3 car garage, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2007 house. There is a full basement which will have the 4th bedroom and 1 of the bathrooms. The total square footage is 3,754 and we have a huge backyard! This house will close escrow in about a month. Here's hoping that the winter months and hot humid summers won't be as bad in a beautiful home. Anyone is welcome to visit. :)


Jenna said...

OH my gosh! That is so cute! I'm so excited for you guys! Congrats!

Amy said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys! Once it can stay above 50 degrees we may consider visiting. :P

Sarah said...

Yay! Very exciting. We lived in IL during a major ladybug year too. It brings back memories... Our basement was full of dead ones!

Kathleen said...

I love the house! and the video of the kids is so cute! I miss you.....come visit soon!

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