Friday, March 21, 2008


It's fun to notice the difference in your kids. For instance Mikiah's laugh always came from the belly and it wasn't hard to get him to laugh. Nash laughs easy but it's not a belly laugh. Still it's cute in it's own way. Here is a video of it:

Here's a picture of Kai at 4 months and Nash at 4 months. They look alike to me but what do you think?

Lately I have been having problems with Nash. Let's see.....he's up 6-8 times at night, he won't take a bottle, he won't use the SNS (supplemental nursing system), he won't sleep unswaddled, he won't nap longer then 30 minutes, and he won't eat cereal. However today I felt very accomplished because after giving him cereal he still didn't want, he DID take Sweet Potatoes. In fact he liked them so much that instead of spitting them right back at me like the cereal, he kept opening his mouth and making an impatient noise! It's the small things in life that help you feel like a good mom. :)

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