Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Easter bunny sheds

I woke up today and realized the Easter bunny had shed all over the ground (A.K.A. it was snowing!) On Easter of all the days! Let me back up, on Good Friday I woke up and my car had mud all over it. i guess Texas had a big dust storm that made it's way to Illinois and then the rainclouds rained over it, making mud. Saturday morning we took Kai to an outdoor Easter egg hunt. Let's just call it an Easter Freeze because it must have been in the teens outside! Nash and I had to go sit in the car because the windchill was so bad. Kai and Devin froze outside for a few pieces of candy and a rubber duck. Was it all worth it??...probably to Kai it was. I didn't get any pictures of it due to my frozen chapped hands.

This morning we drove to church in the snow and we ran a little late. I had every intention of taking pictures of Devin leading worship for all of you but it didn't happen. Maybe next week. At 1pm we had some friends over and we ate chicken, swiss potatoes, rolls, spinach salad, and a yummy apple crisp with ice cream! I think Easter wasn't as bad as I had planned because we spent it with friends. Everytime I think I hate Illinois and wonder if I was crazy for moving here, God brings along something special for me and puts me in my place. Today it was an unexpected Easter basket from an acquaintance and a nice meal with new friends.

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Amy said...

Awww - I'm so glad that you guys are finding such loving friends so soon. People seem to really care about one another there.
Happy Easter.

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