Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring is in the air...

After the long winter months it is finally warming up! Don't get me wrong it can still be in the 30's but we've had a few days in the 70's and it's nice. It rains alot here. In 7 days there will be about 4 of them rainy.

We have set a moving date of May 17th. We have had to buy cabinets, a mailbox, hose, etc. for this new house. There is no landscaping and the grass is dead so we have some outdoor maintenance to complete as well. Luckily this is garage sale town and everyone participates in having one or shopping at one! It has now become my hobby for wednesday mornings. Kai likes to come too. He likes to point at things and say "this is nice" or "mommy would like that". We are having a garage sale at the new house this Friday with 9 other moms. I think it will be good to meet my new neighbors this way and hopefully make some extra cash.

Devin likes his job but there has been some struggles. Please keep us in prayer with how best to handle all these situations. I'm also feeling very restless as there is no place to take Kai to get out his energy when it rains. They have all outdoor parks and no nightlife. We are very limited here. Plus there is no frozen yogurt! That's my favorite food! They don't really believe in healthy foods around here.

The kids: Kai is starting to eat more foods and be less picky. He is on his way to potty training but still wears diapers and underwear. I think it is going to be a long process. Nash is cutting his first tooth on the bottom right. I'm looking forward to his new smile when both bottom teeth are fully in. He is a cranky teether though so that hasn't been easy.

We miss you all!

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Amy said...

Those flowers are beautiful!

Is there any sort of mall to take them too when it rains? Or museum (children's museum?)? Maybe at least a fast food place that has the indoor climbing stuff. No that you want to go as often as you say it rains. Yikes!

No frozen yogurt?! Did you move to Mars? Just kidding!

Many prayers for you, and I'm so excited you will be moving into your new home soon!


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