Thursday, April 17, 2008

28 today....

I'm not too depressed about my age however I do wish I would stay 25. It's just really hard to be away from my close friends and my parents. I'm really needing to feel God's presence right now because this journey is hard. I hope to grow as a Christian woman this year and come into a more mature relationship with God. I hope to start a Bible study just like the one I had at home and gather with strong believers to pray and support each other. And I hope that my marriage would strengthen and renew as we only really have each other as family. That would be my prayer for this year.

Update:: Devin and a friend named Mandy threw me a surprise party. I was completly fooled and everyone came. It was so much fun and I felt very loved. As I was spending some time with God today he put on my heart chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes. There is a time for everything. This is my time. To be uncomfortable. To be stretched. To branch out to the unknown. What would life be like if we never took chances. Thank you Lord for these trying times that will grow me and help me to be used in the future to further your Kingdom.

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