Monday, June 23, 2008


We are potty-training Kai this week. I don't know if he's really ready and making progress or if I'm just trying too hard. He doesn't quite get the feeling that he has to go yet. The boy could sit on the potty all day and not go! A couple of days ago he sat on the potty to go "poo poo" and somehow missed and went all down the hallway and then stepped in it and tracked it on the carpet! Yesterday he went into the garage and got into my car and peed on my seat. Maybe he's not ready yet because I'm sure not ready!

Nash-He is army crawling and gets to where he needs to go pretty fast. He will see me across the room and laugh, fuss, and make his way to me. He will even get stuck underneath tables and cry while staring at me because he can't get there. He's eating solid foods really well now and he cries in between each bite (mommy can't get it into his mouth fast enough) but before feeding him he's not acting hungry? Nash will take just one kind of bottle and will only drink juice or breast milk out of it. He hates formula. He is a very serious baby to others and rarely lets out a smile or laugh. He just stares and always wants to check out a situation. He also gets distracted easily and doesn't like loud noises.

Our house-The last couple of weeks have been hard. Our basement flooded, baby bunnies fell to their death in our regress windows, our fence blew down from a big 70 mph wind storm, the neighbors tree fell on the other part of the fence into our yard, we discovered poison ivy on 3 of our trees, Devin's car broke down, and our church is having financial problems and doesn't know how they are going to afford to pay the staff. So we are living by faith and resting in the fact that God has us here for a reason and we will be obedient until he calls us back to California (oh please call us back!)

We will be home July 10th-26th so call us to get together!


Sarah said...

I can't believe that Nash is crawling! Jill seems so far from that. She's a pretty content baby, so she doesn't really want to move, but she has never even done the roll-across-the-room thing!

The Garcia Family said...

Could all that be God's way of saying "Come to Austin! Come to Austin!"?? We'd love to have you come visit our awesome city!! Much love!

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