Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th!

Usually on July 4th we spend it with friends and at my parents house going out on their boat, enjoying meals, and watching the fireworks. This year we knew we had to do something or we would surely be homesick! We went to a pastor's house out in the country who had a huge acre yard and a pool. Kai fell asleep on the way there and we put him onto one of their beds and he remained asleep for another 2 hours! Nash fell asleep and woke up as soon as we arrived and refused sleep for the next 5 hours! So while everyone was enjoying the pool and sun, I was trying to calm my fussy baby. He is also in the stage where he cries if anyone but me holds him.

Later that evening I dropped off Devin and Nash at home to go to bed and Kai and I went to watch the fireworks at a local park. He loved them and would call out the colors with each one. The ones that were really loud he would roar at. He roars like a lion in defense of anything that makes him mad or scares him. It's cute, when it's not directed at his parents!

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