Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer Request

As you can imagine things are difficult right now. My biggest prayer request is that I would focus on God's promises and would lead people to want to more about this great God that we serve through my actions. I am going to say that I've been very attacked lately. I am struggling with control and wanting to go out and find a job. I don't feel that I am suppose to work right but be at home with the kids. A couple of years ago I took control into my own hands out of fear that God wouldn't provide the money. I felt confused and ultimately I made the wrong decision. God still blessed me but I learned a tough lesson. Here I am faced with the same situation once again. This time I will not act because of my fear but I am determined to seek only what God wants from me and to truly trust him with our situation.

I wake up every morning and turn on the news. There are no jobs, recession is at an all time high, and millions have lost their jobs. My first thought is worry, anxiety, and fear. God has never ever abandoned us and we've always had a roof over our head and food to eat. Our Lord WILL provide for us and bless us. It may not look like what I want it to but He knows what is best for our family so I will trust him. My prayer is that I will keep in his peace and direction and not try to take control. That I will be prayerful for all things and follow what I feel he is saying.

I'll keep you updated with any new information!

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