Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sak Saum

We support a ministry called Sak Saum  Sak Saum is a ministry that offers rescue, rehabilitation and restoration to vulnerable and exploited women who have experienced firsthand the devastation of trafficking. 

20% of all our proceeds goes to this ministry of women who have been taught to sew and make a living for themselves.  They have amazing talent and their designs are wonderful!  I personally own two bags, a headband, and a pair of baby shoes.  They now have a website where you can shop from. 

You can give directly to them, buy a handbag, or buy a tutu from us! 


Sarah said...

Wow that's so awesome. Thanks for introducing me to it!

- Sarah

Aimee said...

I was just thinking this week that I need to bust out the baby shoes! I can't wait to see Eliana in them....and Lily too!

cherimarie said...

Sarah they are awesome! I spent some time with the owners when I did mission work there.

Aimee-I think Lily's will fit her at 6 months so maybe they fit Eliana now?

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