Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Midwest Manners

The first couple of months living here was complete culture shock. I would say that it felt like a different country. I would be walking outside pushing the kids in the stroller when I would have multiple people wave at me. They were walking, driving, on a motorcycle etc. Should I wave back? I don't know them and I don't want them to think I know them when I dont. I kept thinking that they must go to the church and know who I am but I don't know them! Then I realized they were just being nice and didn't know me. So now I return their waves.

While we were in California our lawn got mowed. No one has claimed it but we have a few suspitions. No one ever wants anything in return. Our neighbor told us to use his pool anytime, so Kai and I went over today and used it. I felt like I was sneeking around or something because he's not home but he's just being the norm here. I heard someone say that in California someone knocks on your door so you'll move your car that's blocking their way. Here they knock for you to move your car so they can mow your lawn. I think 'loving thy neighbor' is taking on a new meaning.

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