Friday, August 22, 2008

Our backyard

I hate our backyard! I mean hate it! I want a backyard that I can sit outside comfortably with Kai and watch him play. I imagine a nicely groomed deck, patio chairs, little garden with blooming flowers, landscaped bushes etc. Instead I have a concrete slab, sticks everywhere from our 14 trees, poison ivy, HUGE bugs of every kind, mosquitoes, frogs, roaches, big holes in the ground to sprain your ankle on, big hills you wonder how they got there, more sticks, weeds, and patchy grass! It's so overwhelming I wonder where even to start.

Now for the record my thumb is not any shade of green. I don't like touching dirt and I HATE bugs! So digging up areas to plant flowers would not be enjoyable for me. I'm going to start with one thing at a time and get rid of that poison ivy for good. That is almost done so now I'm going to find a chainsaw and ladder and convince Devin to saw off the lower limbs of the trees so I don't hit my head when I mow under them. After that I'm going to work on the grass. Any suggestions? Does anyone even read this? Well, it feels good to vent. It's hard being away from my family whom I know would help me with all this stuff and make it look so easy. I hope to report back in a few months of my progress and newly found love for gardening.


Amy said...

considering our yard once looked like what you described, I suggeest renting a rotatiller and tilling hte whole yard. Then you can plant ANYTHING. Even lay some sod down for grass, a place for a planter, garden, etc... It's by far worth it and way less work than heading out back with a shovel. I'll take pictures of our back yard now that's it's almost done.

Caryn said...

I know how yards can be frustrating. Just be greatful that you have enough room that when your done, you will have a nice space. We couldnt grow anything in our backyard and had to put in artificial turf (saved a lot on water) and cactus. Obviously will not work with the catus at your place, but I would start geting rid of all the rubbish and maybe finding a neiborhood kid who likes to dig. Good luck we will be thinking of you.

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