Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thankfulness day 204-209 Vacation!

 I've been on Vacation so I need to catch up!

Thankfulness Day 204-Today I am thankful for Air conditioning through hot days, most people don't have it.
Thankfulness Day 205-Today I am thankful that I didn't actually get that ticket after being pulled over, oops!
Thankfulness Day 206-Today I am thankful for the great time I am having in Arizona with Huzz's family.
Thankfulness Day 207-We were surprised by Huzz's parents today that they are going to give to Sweet Lily Tutus because they believe so much in the product and our mission! I'm so thankful for that!
Thankfulness Day 208-Today I am thankful for NO Traffic on our 6 1/2 hour drive home!  It's a miracle I say!
Thankfulness Day 209-I'm starting to get more orders, it's encouraging and fun!  I'm so thankful it's picking up!

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