Friday, September 10, 2010

Thankfulness Day 212:: Nomination!

This is really exciting for me and there is a great God story to go with it! 

I've been dropped Kai off at school for two weeks now and it dawned on me yesterday that I hadn't seen a woman that works there in awhile and I enjoyed sharing tutu ideas with her.  So yesterday I decided I was going to try and find her.  As I was walking to the school office I spot her in a window that is usually closed!  I wave and she tells me how to get to her.  She immediately tells me she 'voted' for me! 
Huh?  For what I said and she told me for the Orange County Blogger Spotted Awards!  What!!??  I was nominated for something?

First lets just say how cool is it that God puts her on my heart, makes her easy to find, and then she tells me this!  I would have never known!  Seriously who knew that I business that originated from my husband being unemployed for over a year would turn into something a bit more then ordinary? 

 I am so blessed and so grateful to be recognized!  Seriously overwhelmed and a bit emotional.  All this to say....Could I get your vote?

OC Blog Awards 

Once you go on this page, you will click Here in the first paragraph and it will take you to a voting page.  Sweet Lily Tutus is under the Best Etsyish Handmade in  OC.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Today I am thankful for being nomiated.  I believe God has much bigger plans for this business then maybe I has thought.  I will go whatever direction He has for me.

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