Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankfulness Day 227-231:: Catching up!

 We've been busy over here so I got behind!  I'll catch us up!

Thankfulness Day 227:: Our house has been sick free for quite some time!  Kai started complaining of an ear ache so I gave him garlic oil drops in his ear for the rest of the day and it went away!  I'm thankful for home remedies!

Thankfulness Day 228::  Got to worship on stage with huzzy today and I am so thankful we get to sing and praise the Lord together

Thankfulness Day 229::  Took yesterday off of any business related stuff and got 4 orders today!  I'm very thankful for that.

Thankfulness Day 230::  Gotta love Chick Fil A!  Did you know that on their bags for childrens meals they have a word search with the fruits of the Spirit?  So cool, I'm so thankful that we have a restaurant
ike Chick Fil A!

Thankfulness Day 231:: Wordless Wednesday!  We've got a new Pink Lady Bug Tutu and Shirt to share!  Ladybugs are so popular!  Maybe everyone wants to be a Bug???

And don't forget the launching of our new Boys Tie Applique Shirts!  Right now we have a selection of 3 prints but we will work our way up to 5!

Today I am thankful for Sweet Lily Tutus and the wonderful thing that God is doing as He lets me partner with Him!


Andrea@shopbyog said...

The pink is so cute! Love it! I have to tell you about this new foundation here in S.D. They make tutus to bring to children in local hospitals. Thought of you:)

cherimarie said...

Wow, sounds great! What's their name?

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