Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thankfulness Day 233-236:: Lots of fun things!

Thankfulness Day 233-We had a great day at the Fire Station, pics to come! I am very thankful that my boys got to experience that!

Thankfulness Day 234-We visited a church in Carlsbad as a potential place for Devin to lead worship at.  The people were so friendly and they even did a potluck lunch afterwards!  Gotta love those!  I also found a few
people who LOVE ice cream as much as I do!  Imagine that!  So we talked about all the great flavors of course!
Today I am thankful that we got an opportunity to worship there and meet this congregation!

Thankfulness Day 235-I received an order for Twins!  I love twins and it's so much fun to do two matching outfits but make them each a little unique just like the different personalities of twins! Today I am thankful I got to do a 'Twins' order!

Thankfulness Day 236-I think I get the purse shipment from Cambodia tomorrow!  I will be having a purse party in the next few weeks so stay tuned!  All proceeds go to In His Steps International!

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