Sunday, February 22, 2009

The big news

I'm sure you've been reading our blog or our facebook status's and said to yourself 'what is going on with them?' I can now answer your question by saying that things didn't work out with Devin and the church he was a Director of Worship at. I won't go into details but they wanted someone different then Devin and Devin tried really hard to be that person but a circle can't fit into a square shaped hole or something like that!

Devin and I battled for a long time back and forth pleading with God to give us the confirmation we needed. We couldn't understand why He would lead us out here for only 1 year and we felt that we had really invested ourselves here. In the end we felt that it was God saying it's time to go and that we had fulfilled our purpose here. Since the announcement that Devin was leaving the church, he has received so many compliments. I think Devin's heart has always been to lead people into an intimate time of worship and take them out of the box of just standing and reading the words. People have said they have been challenged to look at worship differently and really have felt the Holy Spirit move as he led. That is Devin's heart and that alone tells us that we weren't here for nothing!

What is ahead for us now? That is where we ask for prayer. There are not many jobs here in central Illinois for Devin and we lack family support. The wisest thing for us to do is to move back to California and stay with my parents. We feel God moving us in that way and we are expecting great things in the near future. I personally believe that God would not move us out here for just one year and then leave us hanging with some mediocre job and living with my parents. I firmly believe that God will bless Devin with a great job and enough financial provision to get us on our feet. I look forward to blogging about this journey and telling you how great our God is and the miracles He worked with Devin's employment and selling the house here we have in Illinois.

I do ask for prayer as not all days seem to be hopeful for us and we still struggle with thoughts of failure, hopelessness, and confusion. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing our California friends in the next couple of months!


Jon and Melissa said...

I am soooo praying for you all. I am totally excited to hear God's provision and plan. What a great adventure and place to be when God is leading....Shout out a pray we get called back too!!! HA!!!

Eli's Lids said...

Wow!! I'm glad you are coming back. I sure pray that things continue smoothly!!

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