Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 1/2 lbs!

I've lost 3 1/2 lbs in 2 days! I don't know how that is healthy but I'll take it! Weight Watchers lets you eat quite a bit, it's pretty easy, and I highly recommend it! Anyways, I don't have too much weight to lose but I've just been stuck not losing any on my own. Maybe when I come home to visit I'll be less of a woman, in a good way that is.


Christie Coleman said...

MAN! I need to lose weight...maybe I should try this...I have definitely put on a few lbs. It's not very cute. =/

Amy said...

Weight watchers worked wonders for us when we did it (for our wedding). I just have a hard time doing it now since we ate alot fo unnatural food for weight watchers (like the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter stuff).

I lost 10 pounds over a long period of time plus I have alot more to lose than you. That's how I've lost it. Th elast 5-10 are always the hardest, and you don't even look like you have those last few pounds to lose. :)

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