Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back on the saddle again....

I haven't worked at a Salon since 2001. I use to do hair and I enjoyed it about 50% of the time. It was the other 50% that made me quit. I've never looked back since but today a gal from church asked me to help her with a wedding party at her salon. I worked with her from 9am-2pm. It was weird being back in the salon but I kind of miss it. I don't feel like I'm suppose to go back and I know my ministry is to be with my kids right now but I really did miss being in that environment. I felt insecure, anxious, and yet hopeful. There are some decisions that need to be made regarding this experience and my cleaning homes. I would appreciate your prayers to help me distinguish what God wants and what is best for my family.

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Eli's Lids said...

mmmm... decisions. I will be praying for you.
And if you make us matching socks you better believe we will wear them with pride :)

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