Monday, October 27, 2008

A tribute to my Huzzy

Devin's birthday is on Wednesday and I don't often enough brag about him. is my tribute to huzzy (my nickname for him).

5 reasons why he's the best dad:

1. Always up for a good wrestling match
2. Helps with the poopy diapers (can I get an Amen?)
3. Very patient when teaching them how to swim
4. Gets around on the floor and acts like an animal just for a good laugh
5. Let's Kai watch his "show" on the big tv

5 reasons why he's the best husband:

1. Supports me in all my decisions
2. Eats my food
3. Will have 3 kids even though he only wants 2
4. Would only move to Illinois if I agreed
5. Prays with me on demand! :)

Here are some good memories of Devin with the boys:


We love you! Happy Birthday!

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