Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beaded Socks

I've started beading socks. I'm a bit obsessed with it now. I have a friend who is going to take them with her to a craft fair to sell for me while I'm in California. I'm not going to do a website until I start selling some and see what people think. If you are interested in a pair just leave me a comment! Here are the sizes and prices:

0-6 months $4 (one row of beads)
6-18 months $4 (one row of beads)
18-36 months $7 (two rows of beads)
3-5 years $7 (two rows of beads)


one row

two rows


Amy said...

Those are really cute! My cousin Nikki does those too (did you see hers?). You girls have talent!

You should have a free giveaway of a pair and I'll post it on my blog too. Then that'd draw people in to want to buy them. ;)

Amy said...

But see, iof you list it on Frugal Mommy's giveaway list, then lots of people will read because lots of peopel go through and sign up for all teh giveaways.

Caryn said...

Those are so cute. I would love to get some as gifts for a couple friends who just had little girls in August. When are you guys going to be here? Looking forward to seeing you. We never got to see Nash last time you were here. He was sleeping the whole time you did my hair. And oh, my hair is so long!! Can't belive I loved the short hair so much!

Eli's Lids said...

Yeah!!! These look great! Awesome prices too.

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