Sunday, October 12, 2008

A tribute to Rockharbor

One year ago in October I left Rockharbor for good. It was very bitter sweet. I worked there almost 2 years as an Administrative Assistant. I LOVED what I did but I wanted to be at home to raise my boys. I had a hard time working while Kai was so young and I don't understand why it had to happen but I'll never take that time back. Here are some of my favorite memories:

1. Walking into work while admins were gathered around someone praying over them
2. Donna comforting me while I cried because it was so hard to let my 6 week old son go with Grandma
3. Hiding Nick's Gi Joe and sending threats to him with pictures
4. Watching funny web videos
5. Dancing to "My hump"
6. Doing a cart wheel 9 months pregnant
7. Disneyland!! Twice!
8. Being a listening ear to people who have no one to turn to
9. Helping in the process of someone who can't pay their bills
10. Testing out the bounce house at Hulabaloo
11. Human shuffleboard! (We won)
12. Staff meeting-they were always fun
13. That ugly dolphin award that got passed around
14. Putting together x-mas in a box
15. Rock time
16. The pictures below
17. Serve Day
18. Church at home



Eli's Lids said...

Who is that tall blond fat girl in the third picture from the top on the left? Wait a minute! Huh? She's pregnant... and it's me!!! That was such a fun time for me too. I miss working there so much. What a blessing that we get to be with our kids full time...

Blessed Nest said...

Congats on staying home! I go to RH and blog too....I will be back and will add you to my blog roll. I love the look of your blog too!

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