Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Nash turns 1 today! His birthday will fall on Election Day every four years! This could be a very good thing or very bad. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday with a family party. He got lots of toys, which Kai stole and played with, and when it was time for cake he cried because everyone was staring at him. So sad!

This past week we've been in California at my parents house. The kids really feel loved and get to have so much attention! Nash just started pointing to different things saying "da?" "da dee?" It's super cute!! He also likes to go to his gigi and papa and call them by name. He LOVES their dog Molly. As for walking, he takes a few steps here and there but I wouldn't say he is a walker yet.

I'll post a lot of pictures in the next day or so when I have a chance to load them.

Happy Birthday Nash!!

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Amy said...

Are you at home now? I couldn't find any of your new numbers so on Halloween I left a message at your parents house for you so I could come see you guys. :( Wahhh!

I was knocked out mastitis the whole weekend, so I wouldn't have been good for a viisit until Monday as it was, but still... I WANTED TO SEE YOU! :)

"Happy Birthday Nash!" May your birthday present be your mommy and daddy's vote. :P

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