Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We're home

Yes we came back to Illinois last night. We left Cali at 70 degrees and flew into Illinois at 30 degrees. It felt like a different world. The trees had lost their leaves and my plants were dead from a frost. The house was 50 degrees inside and refrigerator was empty!

The kids get confused with vacations and Kai keeps saying he wants to go back to Gigi and Papa's house. Sometimes I tell him I do too. I really miss my family.

On an updated note: Nash is walking! Well, 75% of the time that is. He is a really fast crawler so until he feels more steady he probably won't walk all the time. Give it a week or two. He walks like a cowboy with an invisible tree trunk in between his legs. I'm the mom so I think it's cute!


A. said...

I'm so sad I missed you! And my bad for not returning your last call. Tim went back to work this week, so we were busy crunching in a bunch of stuff before he did, and then Sunday kami got sick. now both girls are sick. I'm glad you made it home safe though... we'll plan for sure to hook up next time your out. Christmas?

Caryn said...

We enjoyed seeing you and the boys while you were here. Wish the kids could have spent more time together. Hope to see you soon.

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