Friday, September 5, 2008


I got on a cleaning kick this morning. It is VERY hard to clean a house that is 3400 square feet. I always feel behind, never ahead. But today I decided to clean and my laundry room is one that I always find messy. I recently bought a clothes organizer and instead of piles being on the floor they are in this now. My laundry room is now one that I love being in and I feel oh so organized! I highly recommend it and it was only $15 at Walmart. It's amazing how destressed you can feel by just having things organized. I'm savoring the moment because no doubt in a few hours Kai will have hauled in the comforter from his bed, his pillow, his toys upstairs to downstairs, my broom, daddy's shoes, my hair brush, and some diapers. Tomorrow I'll look around and think back on the day that everything was so clean.


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Amy said...

oh i love my clothes organizer! It was actually one of the things that was stolen last year (something they could throw items in a walk out looking like they had nothing but dirty laundry), and it was one of the first thigns I replaced. What a difference it makes!

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