Saturday, September 6, 2008

Once-shame on baby; twice-shame on mommy!

Last month Nash was taking a bath and I stepped out of the bathroom for about 5 seconds to yell at Kai. I know I know, never leave a baby alone in the bath tub but seriously it was 5 seconds! Well I came back into the bathroom to find Nash flopping on the floor like a fish out of water! Somehow he fell over the edge.

Today I heard some screaming and went to get Nash out of his crib from nap time figuring he was up and grumpy. I opened the door to find him sitting there crying. Yep you guessed it! He fell out of his crib! Looks like it's time to lower it to the lowest setting. Now one time of this happening it could be blamed on baby :) But twice, well somehow I feel this is MY fault! I'm just glad he didn't get hurt either time.

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