Thursday, September 11, 2008

A long awaited answer to prayer

We've been struggling financially for quite some time. I've been pleading to God to provide somehow as I search part time jobs, even paper routes that I can do. Right now Devin works as a worship leader and then as a swim instructor part time. The swim position takes all his time with us away. I maybe see him 1 hour a day. I'm miserable. I broke down with God yesterday and told him I just can't take anymore. I'm willing to work at Starbucks if needed, just please get Devin back at home, I'm lonely.

Today I ran into someone I know at Target. She told me she cleans houses part time and sometimes she has people ask her but she doesn't have time. She said she would refer them to me or I can ask the lady who gave her the clients in the first place from our church named Paula. So I called Paula and asked her to refer anyone she can't do to me if possible. She told me that she has breast cancer and wants to keep her clients but needs to do treatment and needs someone to take over temperarily. She said I was an answer from God and I told her she was my answer. I start tomorrow with her. Let's hope I know how to clean well enough! Just call me the "House Keeper". She has 3 homes she cleans and it would be enough money for us not to worry how we will pay our bills and Devin could quit the 2nd job. Please pray that this works out if it's God's will and for complete healing for Paula's cancer.

Thanks to all who read this!

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Debi Elliott said...

Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! I'm so happy for you both and I just LOVE it when God shows up like that! It's wonderful!

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