Monday, December 29, 2008

My three parenting struggles

If I could snap my fingers and change things right now these would be it:

*Kai would go potty on his own and be completely potty trained

*Kai would eat new foods, veggies, and stop wanting just chicken nuggets

*Nash would sleep through the night

These are the things that stress me out as a mom. They are so frustrating and there is no real answers but time. Can you offer any insight? What are your three things?


Jon and Melissa said...

Hey, I have 2 books that will help you sleep and help your boy eat better. The first is the sneaky chef. My kids love the reci's in it and never know what they are eating. Sometimes even my hubby does not know. HA! The other is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Marc Weissbluth. It is for all ages from newborn-school age. I have other sleep books I've read if you are interested send me a message on FB. Do you have skype?

A. said...

Well, I think that sums up most moms. :)

The picky eating, well, he'll grow out of it. One way I've curbed Kami's "cereal only" habit is to just not buy it and she'll get hungry enough to eat something else. It may be a while, but she eats. Or tell her she can have it after eating a fruit (or veggie or whatever you want him to eat).

The potty training... nothing really you can do there. It's what they can control and will. Or if it seems to be alot of accidents, then UTI may be the culprit.

The sleeping through the night; since he's in a seperate bed than you, all I can suggest is making sure he's wellf ed before bed, and maybe some teething tablets. He'll be in the teething stage until at least age 3. By then It shouldn't bother him as much and the teeth don't come in nearly as often. Even Skylar still wakes and she's 2 1/2. Actually, Kami will be 5 in a couple weeks and she wakes once in a while just to lay next to a warm body. :)

Just think about how little time they will actually be little and need (and WANT!) you. :)

cherimarie2 said...

I actually have the Healthy Sleep Habits book. He was fine until he got all those ear infections and then the flu. Now he just wakes out of habit and wanting to nurse. He's having surgery on the 6th so I can't really do anything until after that. Then I plan on cutting night nursing completely and hoping that he gets the hint!

A. said...

Oh no! Surgery? He has to have tubes put in? Poor little guy. Hopefully that will be the end of his pain though.

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