Monday, January 26, 2009

1 year in Illinois

This time last year we moved from sunny Southern California to snowy, frigid, icy, windy, humid, stormy, and sometimes pleasant Central Illinois! My husband took a worship director job at a church here and we felt strongly that God was leading us here.

Now I will admit, it was a big move especially for me because it would mean raising my 2 year old and 2 month old boys away from my parents. I saw my parents everyday since they lived down the street. They are amazing people and love their only grandchildren (my boys) so much! They knew however that this was a great opportunity for Devin's growth and my independence away from them.

We started out in a house that was old and drafty about 15 minutes from the church. There we just froze and counted down the days until we could have a place of our own. There was a minor flood downstairs and we lost electricity once but other then that we were okay. Once we moved into town:

We really enjoyed our house and still do however here are some of our trials:
wind that knocked down our fence, two floods in our basement, no landscaping, no grass, bunnies dieing in our regress windows, frogs in our regress windows, mice, mice, and more mice!

We have grown so much through all these trials though and I have really seen Devin grow in his relationships with God, me, and the boys. I feel like I've gained alot of independence here and I've had to really 'run the house' like I always dreamed I would do. I have even had to humble myself to clean houses when I never really felt like I knew how to clean and it's a lot of work!

The people here have really been supportive and although at times it's really hard for me to be here, I know it's where I'm suppose to be. I pray that this next year will bring us closer to God even more and that he will use our lives to touch others as he works through us.

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