Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snotty nose, croupy cough, fever oh my!

Well 3 weeks ago we had the horrible stomach flu that went through our house so you would think we would be spared such a horrible cold but you were wrong. So far it's just the kids. Kai is so tough that he just coughs until his eyes bulge and has been sitting around (actually running around?) with a 103 degree fever for 3 days. So I took him into the doctor thinking they would say there is nothing we can do but wait it out but instead they said he had a severe ear infection and another one on the way! When he was asked if it hurt he said no. Then he told me the rest of the day that he's not sick. Crazy kid! So he's on antibiotics that I have to practically force feed him because he doesn't like the taste. Actually I have to give him juice and a chocolate candy to get him to take it.

As for Nash, he got it from his brother of course and doesn't have the fever yet but we are hoping he will NOT get the ear infection since he had tubes placed in his ears on Tuesday. However he wants to make sure I know that he is still sick too so he is up about 6 times a night. Thanks Nash, I get that you are sick too.

Devin and I have so far been lucky and have no symptoms. I'm beginning to think that winter is the WORST time of year and a season that really doesn't feel like you'll ever see the end of. Here's hoping Spring will come soon!

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