Tuesday, January 6, 2009


With our Christmas money we decided to purchase the Nintendo Wii. I would like to first say that I've been against all video game systems in my house until this point. However with winter here and Kai's pent up energy I thought maybe it would be a good outlet and perhaps bring the family together in some friendly competition? So we bought it and here are some fun facts:

*Kai beats Devin in boxing often (he's so short that he gets away with a lot of body punches)

*Devin is good at Tennis and I am not

*I rock at bowling, you don't even want to play me ;)

Nash likes to run around us and watch how we freak out when he threatens to touch the Wii system. It's been really great to watch Kai and Devin bond through these games since it's too cold to go throw the ball and such. Now Kai asks to box all day long!

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Jon and Melissa said...

I tell ya we love our wii and are amazed at how much our 3 yr old can do. I too rule at bowling and suck at tennis. But it was very fun and is a great family thing. Even a date w/ the hubby once the kids are in bed. We have gone bowling and a whole lot cheaper the ngoing out, getting a sitter, etc...HA!!

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