Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pajama Rama

Before I was a SAHM I worked part time at a church. I just had Kai and he was a baby. I showered and got dressed up (anything other then pajamas is dressed up right?) and went to work. I had a neighbor who stayed at home and she often would joke that she is lucky to shower and stays in her work out clothes all day. I thought that I would hate that and I ALWAYS want to shower and dress up. However now that I do stay at home, I have to say that most days are in my lounge wear and a ponytail. It's hard not to feel unattractive when you aren't getting 'ready' everyday so today I put in some extra effort. I was wearing my usual lounge wear and sporting my pony tail but today I did my full makeup and put on dangling earrings. So if you took a picture of me from shoulders up I felt attractive but then I'm still not dressed! Oh well, I tried right? I'm sure my boys noticed and appreciated my efforts ;)

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