Friday, August 27, 2010

Thankfulness Day 198: Bloody Nose

We visited a friend and came home kind of late.  Huzz is on a Men's retreat so it's just me and the boys this weekend.  I pull up to the parking lot of our complex and park.  Kai is passed out in his seat, NOTHING is going to wake him!  Nash is laughing and playing with something.  I go around to get Nash out and realize he is playing with blood splattered all over himself!

Blood was gushing from one side of his nose and I couldn't stop it!  I'm screaming for him to hold still, screaming for Kai to wake up, and of course Kai was still sleeping and Nash is now crying.  I run over and shake Kai to get up while trying to hold Nash and get the bleeding to stop.  Kai rolls over and falls out of the car onto the pavement and starts screaming.  Now I have two screaming boys and lots of blood! 

Huzz is gone remember?  I dragged the screaming boys through the parking lot and knocked on my neighbors door to ask about the bloody nose since I've never had one.  She assured me he would choke the way I was holding him and told me to lean him forward.  The blood subsided, Kai ran off to bed, and I was shaken the rest of the night.  I checked on him maybe 10 times. 

All is fine now.

Today I am thankful that it was JUST a bloody nose!

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