Thursday, February 18, 2010's just a few errands.

Let's just start with this morning: I drove Kai to preschool and was trying to sign him in. The teach told me that Nash is not to touch ANY toy in the classroom for fear of him contaminating everything with germs! So I held Nash as I attempted to sign Kai in but Nash insisted on washing his hands at their sink so he started to hit and kick me so I would let him down. I held on tighter and firmly told him to STOP but instead of listening and saying "okay mommy, sorry" (I can dream) he pulled down my shirt AND bra to reveal my hidden treasure! I of course let him down in fear of being kicked out for public nudity and he washed his hands, arms, and sweatshirt while I signed Kai in!

Now we'll skip to picking Kai up: I picked him up from preschool and brought both kids to Chick-fil-A for some free chicken! A tantrum began as I placed a horrible rule on my boys to eat their food and NOT play in the playground until it's gone. So no food was eaten and I just took them straight to my simple, short, easy errands!

First up-Michaels for some ribbon. I stuck Nash in the cart and let Kai walk. Nash started pulling all the ribbon off the aisles saying that he needed it. When I grabbed it out of his hands he screamed at the top of his lungs that he didn't like it and wanted OUT of the cart! I grabbed the ribbon and went to checkout as Kai ran quickly out of sight at the store. I paid and then mangeled the kids back together and tried to buckle them in. Nash hit me in the face and Kai went running around the parking lot!

As if I hadn't had enough I took them to Walmart. This time I put them BOTH in the cart and went straight to the items I needed. I was waiting for fabric to get cut while Nash saw the bell and screamed that he needs to push it. Over, over, over, and over again! I calmly told him no he can't, he'll get in trouble, etc but his mind was set! All the while the kids where fighting back in forth and clawing each other, exchanging items to hold, and fighting over other items!

I vowed to myself that two kids are not allowed to go to the store together and it will NOT happen again ANYTIME soon!

And THAT was my day!


MrsPink said...

YES! I'm so happy I'm not the only mom who has kids that want to touch EVERYTHING in the store!! lol. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

rachael said...

Sigh. I hear ya.

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