Friday, February 26, 2010

Thankfulness Day 19

I would like to present to you the hairdryer like no other hairdryers! This baby will be your new best friend and NEVER abandon you because she just lasts forever AND she doesn't make you spend too much time with her because she is so powerful your hair will be done in half the time! Between $70-$130 is her cost but it is worth every penny if you have thick hair that takes forever to dry or if you are just sick of your dryer breaking every few years. I'll never go back to another dryer. Nope! I'm sticking to my Solano!

For those of you who use straight irons I highly recommend this one. Once again I will not use any other because it lasts me and gets super hot and my hair super straight! I surprisingly found this HAI ceramic iron on Amazon for $52 and I think I paid $70 so I'm guessing they are around those prices. It's so worth it!

So today I am thankful for the inventions that make me happy and tame my curly frizzy locks of hair.


Nicole P said...

I totally just bought this hairdryer because of you, thank you :)

cherimarie2 said...

lol Yeah! You won't be disappointed! I'm on my 3rd in 10 years and I use it on other people besides me when I'm doing clients from home etc!

Nicole P said...

My blow dryer came yesterday.
I used it last night.
My hair is pretty.

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