Monday, February 22, 2010

Thankfulness Day 15

This week I'm dedicating to some of my favorite beauty products! I think sometimes we all need encouragement and direction on what to buy and what other woman use and love.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and I've used all sorts of brand named Shampoos and Conditioners. However I found something that is cheap (I'm talking cheap!)and works so great with my hair.

Suave Sleek Shampoo. I have really thick wavy hair and I need something that will help weigh it down, make it soft, and make it flatter. This works so well, it smells great, and is so inexpensive! I've heard the other Suave shampoo's are great too and definitely worth trying out once. I get mine at Target or Walmart.

Today I am thankful for not having to spend money on expensive shampoos when Suave has what I need!


Frugalissa said...

you can get Suave free and super cheap at CVS and walgreens too.

cherimarie2 said...

YES! I'll be looking out for that!

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