Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thankfulness Day 7

I'm a creative person. I love doing crafts, playing with peoples hair, making beaded socks, painting, taking pictures, and the list goes on! However God saw it fit to give me two boys. Hmmmm, they don't like drawing, painting, or braids! You give them a hair brush and they make it into a drumstick, give them crayons they'll make them fight, and give them crafts they'll make a gun.

So in order to hang out with the color pink more and help little girls feel pretty I've decided to make tutu's! I love the way a little girl feels after I cut her hair, you can tell she feels beautiful and now she can have a tutu to dance around in afterwards!

I'm custom making them for $25.

Today I am thankful for little girls and their need to dress up in various outfits and feel beautiful!

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