Monday, February 15, 2010

Thankfulness Day 8

Today I am thankful for the JOB Devin got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since April 1st he has been unemployed and after hundreds of resumes being sent out we still got no response. He had two interviews in 10 months and that was it for the corporate world! As I've been pleading with God and asking for understanding I felt like He kept telling me to seek Him, spend time with Him, and all our needs will be provided for. In other words, stop applying for jobs for your husband and start sitting with me because I have it already taken care of! Well wouldn't you know it, this head hunter found Devin's resume on Monster and called him! The pay is good and after 4 interviews he got job! It's through a temp agency and it's a 1 year contract position but it gets his foot in the door and it's a GOOD job! Seriously we couldn't even get a part time $8 an hour job and then this comes along.

The Lord told me I will find joy in February and I knew it was a job. I told Devin that back in January. Then last week our friend and anointed man of God, told Devin that he saw his resume being revealed to the top of the stack and that jobs were being released to some in the room (at a prayer night). 2 days later and Devin was in the interview process. God is SO FAITHFUL! We are not out of the woods yet but we are so much closer! Thank you for all your prayers during this time of ups and downs!


Eli's Lids said...

Praise God!!
I linked to your tutus today in my post.

Kimberly said...

That's awesome Cherie! Love reading your blog!

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