Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thankfulness Day 141:: WANTED-NANNY


We are looking for a Nanny who will help with the boys.  

Here are a few expectations:
  • Must watch 4 yr old closely so he doesn't take switch blade and cut things in the garage unattended
  • Must be okay with 2 yr old whacking himself in the head if he doesn't get what he wants
  • Again must be okay with supervising 4 yr old at 6am as he gets butter knife to make a pb&j
  • Watch for fruit voluntarily being thrown in the trash 'because it looked old' 
  • Must be more strong willed than the 2 yr old who won't clean up his toys and outwit a 2 hour sweaty screaming tantrum
  • Has to know when to put mommy in timeout so she doesn't lose it with the kiddos
  • If you dare to serve rice, must know how to calm 4 yr old down when he spots it on his plate
  • Must hold 2 yr old in an arm lock so he doesn't jump into 4 yr olds swimming lesson
  • Must see the humor of the 4 yr old streaming his pee all around rim of the toilet to 'clean it' and onto the floor
  • Also must be okay with 2 yr old waking up and telling you his finger has poop on it
  • Must be okay with hubby working late and then coming home and checking out immediately once he spots the mood of the wife
If this is you, and I sure hope it is, please contact me ASAP because the above list only reflects the last 24 hours!

Today I am thankful that it is almost bedtime and my nights are my time of recuperation!

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