Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thankfulness Day 164:: Giving

We went to church tonight and I felt challenged.  I'm so use to worrying about my own life and finances that I can't seem to look outside myself sometimes.  It makes me ashamed to be honest.  We don't know how we will make rent next month or how God will provide for that but we STILL have ALOT more then the rest of the world.  I'm stressed about finding furniture that I like or is sort of my style off of Craigslist yet there is still people out there who sleep on the floor.  I have a good friend who doesn't have a car and is a single mom.  She can't even get a job because she isn't sure how she will get there.

Surely there is some way I can help.  Jesus highlights the widow who gave her last penny as a tithe when she had nothing.  Is God calling me to give out of our savings even though we aren't sure how we will make rent?  I'm praying through this but I will say that I felt moved today by a couple who adopted two abused little girls and then again at church thinking about giving to people around us in need. 

What is God calling you to do today?

Today I am thankful that I have a car that I can rely and depend on.

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