Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thankfulness Day 143:: An attempted run

Today I thought to myself "Self you need go to and get a good run in this morning!"  So what is a mom to do when she has to bring two boys along? 

Well Nash went into the stroller and Kai went on his scooter.  As we started off my mom said she would take Nash back home so my hands were free to save Kai if need be.  This should be easy I thought!

My 30 minute run turned into a 50 minute walk, stop, run as Kai every few minutes needed to stop and rest.  "My knee is hurting, I'm getting tired, I just need to touch this pole, I'm going to sit at this bus stop for awhile, I have to pee!! (followed by us hiding in an industrial bush!) and so on.  When we got home he said he was so tired he just needed to rest on the couch and put up his feet for awhile, this child is 4!!

Needless to say this will be our last mommy and me run for awhile!  Next time I will say "Self you are crazy and there will be no run unless it's with just you and me."

Today I am thankful for my good mommy and Kai moment and teaching him how to pee in public. :)

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Melanie Gao said...

I know how frustrating that can be when you have the best-laid plans to work out and your kids get in the way. There will come a day when you can leave them at home for 30 minutes while you go out for a jog. It will be here before you know it. Meanwhile, hang in there. :)

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