Friday, July 30, 2010

Thankfulness Day 170:: Bunkbeds

Have you ever looked for used Bunk Beds on Craigslist?  It's  like gambling and they are posted and sold on the same day!  I just couldn't seem to 'win' and I was getting frustrated!  So I decided to try my luck out at Ebay which I've only bought 1 item from ever!

I searched Ebay for Bunk Beds in my area and found Bunk Beds, Matresses, Sheets, Blankets, Matching Desk, Nightstand, Mirror, AND Dresser all for only $300!  What???  So I bought it and thanked the guy in Irvine for posted such a great deal for me as I was losing all the bunkbeds on Craigslist as they went like Hot Cakes! 
"What, I should have posted it on Craigslist and got more money?"  Is all I think went through his head....Oops!

Today I am thankful for this amazing deal I got and I can spread all the pieces out all over the condo :)

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