Monday, April 19, 2010

Thankfulness Day 71::Laundry

Dear Stabile boys,

In order to reduce endless hours of laundry, I am asking that you refrain from the following:

~Wiping your peanut butter covered hands on your shirt, it isn't a napkin?

~Blowing bubbles in your milk and juice which gets on your clothes somehow

~Rolling around in the dirt

~Jumping in every puddle you see including the dirty gutter

~Eating ANY sort of chocolate or ice cream especially if it can't make it to your mouth

~Refusing to change diaper which results in wet pants

~Coloring of any kind because it's more fun to color on your clothes then the paper

I would appreciate cooperation as I'm highly considering keeping you in the same outfit each week so I can regroup and take a hiatus from all laundry.

**The above rules apply to husband as well



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