Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankfulness Day 75:: Not so Faultless Friday

I'm dedicating one day a week to talk about my shortcomings or maybe it's more like a confessional to the blogging world.  Whatever the reason, it needs to be done because I'm keeping it real!

 So today I took the boys to their first trip to In N Out (aka Up & Down which Kai referred to it as).  I packed some apples in my purse to serve along with their cheeseburgers so I can be a healthy mom and not serve them french fries.  I did however order them a shake because that is in the dairy food group, french fries are not. 

I didn't expect a nice older woman, "Grandma" Nash called her, to sit next to us with a big plate of fries.  She was so friendly and offered my children some of her fries which they readily accepted and kept up the stare until more was offered.  Meanwhile I'm hungry because I didn't order food for myself since it isn't diet friendly and I start telling Nash to eat his cheeseburger while taking bites of it (to show him that it's edible of course) and sipping his shake even though I told him he couldn't have it until the meal was finished.  I then waited until Grandma exited so I could have some of her fries too...I mean so I could take them away from the boys and replace them with apples. 

So Nash and I finished his food and shake and then made our way home.  The lesson I learned is to order myself some greasy food because I know I'm going to find a way to eat it anyways (steal son's food) and to not take food from strangers.

Today I am thankful for Up & Down and their amazing food!

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