Friday, April 30, 2010

Thankfulness Day 82:: Not so faultless Friday


I use it, I'm ashamed of it (sometimes), and it works (almost) everytime!

Sometimes going to the grocery store or Target seems so overwhelming!  Will I be able to get in and out of there without Nash throwing a tantrum, something breaking, what if all the car carts are gone, someone screaming, or fighting over who will sit in the 'big' part of the cart?! 

In my perfect world the boys would sit quietly still and ask me about the products I'm purchasing and give me good insight on the right ones.  And then there is my reality (insert above paragraph) where I just want to get it done without letting the inner angry parent come out.  So in my desperate times of need I turn to my stash of lollipops neatly hidden in my purse for times such as these.  Here are my tips on bribing (not like you do it of course, I'm just saying is all....)

**For a quick fix offer a dum dum lollipop which solves the problem without too much sugar ingested
**Is Target going to be a 20 minute adventure?  Offer Jolly Rancher lollipop which takes much longer to eat

**For anything longer then 20 minutes there is always the good ole' Tootsie Roll Pop which offers much longer chewing time once the center is reached and how many licks does it take to get there anyways?

WARNING:: Bribery is always a last resort and frowned upon by moms making polite conversation trying to out do each in parenting so please use this information discretely among your utmost closest friends.

Today I am thankful that I can admit my faults and know that it doesn't define me as a mom.

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