Friday, June 4, 2010

Thankfulness Day 114:: Featured Friday Posh Pipsqueak

Today we are featuring Posh Pipsqueak because she makes some cool 80's leggings! 

Let's get to know her a bit::

1. Tell us about yourself.
I am a mom of 22 month old twins, one boy and one girl. I am happily married to my husband Billy and reside in the Chicago land area. I work 2 days a week as a Dental Hygienist but I have always loved to sew and do needlework. Most of my creations have been for gifts or for myself until now.

2. When did you make your first Posh Legs?
I made my first pair of Posh Legs in July 2009. I received a pair of footless tights for my daughter and thought they were super cute. When I found them in stores I realized they were insanely expensive and thought I'd try to make them myself. As I brainstormed I realized that they would be even better if they didn't cover the tush. Tights always get a saggy crotch! These would provide warmth, be easier to change diapers, protect the knees on the floor and be too stinkin cute! It didn't take me long to see that others too appreciated their versatility at which time I introduced my Fuzzy Legs line, and then of course the Big Kid Posh Legs for dance and gymnastics.

3. What is the most popular item you sell?
I'd have to say my flower/striped Posh Legs this year. However, during the holiday season my Christmas Fuzzy Legs blow all my products away!

4. What one product can you not live without?
My Christmas Fuzzy Legs. They are irresistible.

5. What is your favorite design of Posh Legs?
For boys I'd have to say the brown and tan striped Posh Legs. For girls I'd say my beige on beige Fuzzy Legs. I have been using a super soft bamboo knit that is soooo luxurious.

6. What inspires you?
My babies inspire me. sometimes I will look at what colors are trendy that season and coordinate my products to match. Most times I just try something on a whim. If it's cute I try it for a while, if not it is trash.

7. What one word would you use to describe you?
Tenacious. I opened Posh Pipsqueak on Etsy selling a variety of children's items in May 2009. I didn't have my first sale until July 2009. Since then I sell mostly Posh Legs and Fuzzy Legs. I have my own website, and I have two other online retailers that carry my line.

**I have some exciting products in the works that I plan to launch this Fall and would like to extend a special offer to your followers. Make any purchase in the month of June at and receive 15% off your entire purchase by entering the coupon code SWEET15.

So GREAT!  Thank you  so much, yours product are too cute!

Today I am thankful for a possible business opportunity I'm checking out today!

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